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Improving The Significance Of The Girl-Child

Dazzling Damsel of Virtue Foundation (DOVEF) is a nongovernmental organization situated in Enugu State Nigeria which was established in April 2006 and is duly incorporated in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The Board of Trustees of the organization consists of individuals who are of proven integrity and passion for development.

We exist to help build and improve the significance of women and the girl-child in West Africa. The organization serves as a channel for those who may want their impact felt in the lives of individuals and communities, and want to be sure that their resources are duly used to meet needs in a responsive, transparent, and accountable manner.


Through our Compassion Fund, we mentor and empower women and girls to increase their participation in economic development and governance in their communities. We are paying school fees for girls in government secondary school whose parents cannot afford to; providing job placement, scholarship for out of school girls and skill acquisition trainings for economic stability. We also foster sisterhood engagement for these girls as it creates an avenue for them to trust each other and create a community of girls and women who support rather than fight each other. Dazzling Damsels of Virtue Foundation have been able to provide financial intervention and support to families and individuals for feeding and medical services. So far we have been able to reach Six thousand women and girls (6000) with our aid and services.


Our in-school leadership training, currently running in 5 secondary Schools in Enugu State is designed to provide an entire student army of Leaders who will be intellectually equipped and sufficiently motivated to take on the challenges of becoming the next generation of Nigeria’s Leaders.


Our Vision

To be the leading organization engaged in building and improving the Significance of the Girl- child in West Africa.

Our Mission

  • - Changing the poor perception the society has of the girl child.
  • - Continuously encouraging self-discovery, purpose driven life and enhancing the potentials of the girl child.
  • - Creating awareness of the need for her to participate in social, economic, political and religious life through respective trainings and exposures.

Our Values

  • - Encouraging individual ability, creativity and continuous self development
  • - Integrity
  • - Unequivocal excellence in all organizational activities and involvement.
  • - Keen attention to consistency and details
  • - Respect for the individual
  • - Teamwork
Where it all Began

Founder's Story

Amusi Amarachi is a member of the organization’s board of Directors and also seats as the Executive Directors. She also serves as the lead consultant of the Driver’s seat, an innovative, integrated program to support other women involve in humanitarian work to guide them to deliver their service better in the global space.

She began her career as a secretary at Donche Technologies in Enugu State after she floated Dazzling Damsels of Virtue Foundation in 2006 which started with three (3) of her friends in 2006 when she was in her final year in the university where she studies Psychology. During her national youth service, she served at Customer Feedback Service and was later made the head of Administration a year later because of resilience and commitment to work. She registered an organization known as Royal global de`l castle to provide self discovery classes for adolescent and young adults.

AmyDOVEF as she is fondly called is the 4th of 6 girls of her parents, her Daddy in the mist of pressure to adopt a male son, stood his grounds that his girls were his true treasure sparked her move as she grew up to help improve the significance of the girl-child in Africa. Her Dad was a true example of men who place so much value on the children regardless of their gender. Amarachi  having witnessed the level of disregard meted on the girl-child in Africa, was motivated to provide all the necessary training and exposure to girls across Africa  as received by her parents so as to improve their significance in homes and the community at large. And with these and more, she is making lasting difference in her community and beyond.

To help provide mentorship for girls and women who are members of the organization, She gathered approximately 20 women professionals and created the concept of a mentor/super mentor network to help close mentoring of our girls and women.

DOVEF has her reach in three South-East states in Nigeria and has partnered with more than 6 organizations to execute her project over these years. And currently are in partnership with 7 secondary schools to deliver free self discovery, coping skills to girls. Dazzling Damsels of Virtue Foundation has become one of the most sought-after girls groups in the nation under Amarachi`s leadership.

In 2009, things came full circle for DOVEF, when she received a recognition award from Diamond bank.

Amarachi Amusi lives in Enugu state Nigeria with her husband and their four children.


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